The Church

Remaining gable in urgent need of preservation.
The above image shows the remains of the old church. In 1983 in Brian Lacey's 'Archaeological Survey of County Donegal' it was described as thus - "Fahan old Church (DG038-013001-): In 1622, the parish church was 'well and sufficiently repaired' (Royal Commission, 191) and it continued in use until the new church was built in 1820 (Rowan 1979, 289). Only the E gable at full height and 5.67m wide internally, and adjoining sections of N and S walls survive. A low cross wall now devoid of railings at the W end of the latter encloses the burial plot of the Hawkshaw family whose memorial is set below the E window. The walls are built of rubble and the E gable has two antae-like projections; ivy has partly dislodged that on the S. The three-light round-headed E window has simple switch-line tracery and four rows of transverse iron glazing bars. It is probably of 17th century date. There is a blocked-up rectangular window, .76m high with simple jambs and splayed ingoings in the S wall. The general style and dressing is different to that of the E window and point to its being of an undoubtedly earlier date. The exterior of the church is harled and the interior preserves sections of two superimposed coats of plaster."

    It is quite likely that the stones used in the building of this church were recycled from the original monastic church of Saint Mura's time and the structure is now in need of some conservation work. Located just metres from the main Buncrana - Derry road this old church gable is an iconic feature which is familiar to every passer-by. If we permit the deterioration to continue the gable and window frame will be rubble in the not too distant future. We hope that you will help in our quest to render it structurally sound for generations to come. Below are some photos of the deterioration - 

Cracks visible
Deterioration of stone work supporting the window frame

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