Bonus Ball Draw

 Hi Everyone


At the last meeting we decided to raise some money to allow us to continue with our work.  We decided on a confined continuous draw based on the National Lottery.


The draw is called BONUS BALL and is based on the number of the Bonus Ball drawn every Saturday night.  The subscription is €20 per month or €240 per year.  Since we cannot collect money, the subscription must be either a one off payment or a standing order or bank transfer monthly.


There are 47 numbers in the National Lottery so we need 47 members.  The winner each week gets €100.  For your €240 you get entered in 52 draws.  With a bit of luck everyone should win at some stage.

The details are in the attachment.

Colm O'Tuathalain (chairperson)

Bonus Ball

1.There are 47 Numbers in the National Lottery. Our draw is based on the Saturday Night National Lottery Draw.

2. Each participant will be given one of the 47 numbers on a random basis. He/She will keep this number for the duration of the draw.

3. The cost is €20 per month or €240 for the year. This can be paid in one transaction or by standing order or bank transfer of €20 per month*. For this you are entered for 52 draws of €100.

4. The owner of the BONUS BALL on the Saturday night will win €100.

5. Don’t forget there are only 47 members and 52 draws so your chances of winning are high.

6. We hope to start the draw at the beginning of April.

*Please ensure that you send a clear identifier (Name and telephone number) if you are using bank transfer so that we can contact you.

Our Bank details are

BIC: AIBKIE2D IBAN: IE40 AIBK 9372 9014 5240 47

If you would like any more information you can contact me at:

086 8042886 or email