Old church gable, stone-work completed.

The work on conserving and strengthening the walls of the old church is complete and the scaffolding removed. The cracks in the stonework, caused by tree roots and ivy, had left the gable wall in danger of collapse on top of Saint Mura's cross and adjacent gravestones. Under the guidance of the National Monuments Service, the ivy was removed to assess the damage. The architects, engineers and stone masons then carried out the work in accordance with those guidelines and have successfully conserved the stonework as it existed prior to restoration. 
This was 'Phase One' of the project and we are very grateful for everybody in the wider community who has helped in any way. Phase Two, already underway, will tackle the cross slab itself. This incorporates the services and advice of a geologist, archaeologists and ultimately the National Monuments Service to arrive at the best possible solution.
Our thanks again to the wider community and please continue to support further fundraising initiatives, details of which will appear both here and in local newspapers. 

The culprit (tree stump removed from top of north wall)

Window frame

Saint Mura's cross, safe from potential wall collapse.


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