Auction success and Scaffolding erected

On Saturday April 13th we held an auction. It was the brainchild of our group member, Roberta Ferguson. In the weeks leading up to the big day we accepted all sorts of donations - from suites of furniture to old coins. In all, there were over 500 lots up for grabs.
The auction was very well attended and supported, the auctioneer knew his trade well, and we each helped out in various ways. The atmosphere was brilliant and we sold every last item.
This earned us 6,724 euro towards our project and we owe full gratitude to everybody who made this effort an amazing success.

On Tuesday 4th June work commenced on the old church gable with the erection of scaffolding. Although the weather isn't ideal for outdoor activities the rain won't deter the stonemasons. Over the next couple of days they will concentrate on removing the remaining ivy and analysing the stonework before commencing conservation works. We will post updates with photographs as this part of the project progresses.


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