Ivy removal - Part One

Yesterday (Sat 23rd Feb)  we were back with increased enthusiasm, following the success of the fund-drive towards the stabilisation of the old church gable.
We began the removal of lower hanging Ivy leaves prior to the erection of scaffolding in coming days. Up to one dozen volunteers gave their time and energy.
This exercise exposed more than just cracks in the stonework, namely -
A sycamore tree had once been growing on top of the north wall,
A blocked up window in the south wall,
Some finely carved stones including the apex stone lying at the base.
Just some of the volunteers

David makes the first cut

Stonework dislodged over time by the roots of a sycamore tree which took root from above. 

Blocked up window on south wall exposed by Ivy removal

Apex stone found at base of gable wall. Inscription undecipherable at this point. It appears there was once a cross at its tip, now broken off. Hopefully the remaining pieces will turn up. 


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