Our Progress- Chapter One

In July 2018 our group embarked on our first fund raising venture. This came in the guise of a "Cash for Clobber" scheme, in which the local community were invited to donate unwanted clothing and footwear. The accumulated material amounted to 1820 kg collected over a few weeks. The money earned in exchange for the donated clothing enabled us to open a bank account.
Following on from this scheme, the aim is to install a permanent clothing bank, designated to the "Save our Cross" project, within the Fahan area.

In August, during National Heritage Week, our group provided historical walking tours of Fahan Village led by Ann Moore. Visitors were taken on a whistle-stop tour charting the history of the village from St Mura's time right through to stately manors still in use today.

In addition to these, a prehistoric archaeology presentation was held in the local parish hall. Frankie Lavelle shared his passion for the local archaeology via a slide show of various monuments he had discovered, such as stone circles and stones rows, and their solar alignments on equinox and solstice dates.